Redondo Beach

Dominic Masiello’s project in Redondo Beach is filmed and aired on HGTV’s ‘Get Out Way Out’. 2009

Dominic Masiello of dp environments has been seen on several HGTV programs, including ‘Landscaper;s Challenge’ and ‘Get Out, Way Out’. This Redondo Beach project featured on ‘Get Out Way Out’ was a peculiar design challenge in that this relatively small space not only had to accomidate the family’s needs for entertaining, gardening, and play, but also provide a viewing area overlooking the Pacific Ocean, yet not feel too cramped from the 15 foot retaining wall directly behind the garden. The family also had some stone left over from a previous project which had to be incorporated.

The stringent design criteria gave way to creative design solutions and careful space planning, ultimately resulting in a simple, elegant and functional space suitable for all the needs of the family. The upper terrace behind the large retaining wall became a fruit and citrus orchard, which the family had always wanted. Other types of stone were installed to tastefully contrast with homeowner’s existing flagstone. An arbor was created to give a view corridor from the outside office to the seating area, and the view was preserved with a built-in concrete sofa on an eye-catching flagstone patio. Lush plant material and a bubbling fountain add to this distinctive landscape.

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